Tuesday, April 9, 2013


After a winter of searching on Daffseek and trying to find open source photos of Daffodils, everything is finally starting to bloom and is coming up in full.

I'm very pleased that the job decided to include my daffodil sheets.  It took a while to gather some of that information so I'm just glad that we've made this more of an educational display rather than just an astoundingly large number of  bulbs.

At one point I was trying to get a head start on these by taking some photos at the philly flower show. I remember there being a million daffodils on display in previous years and somehow that wasn't the case this year. I wonder if its actually just a process of perception. I hadn't really been aware of the number of cultivars of daffodils before this fall. They're all yellow and white and they've never interested me enough to be able to distinguish between varieties. I can't say that I'm interested still. I put in more research into these flowers in hopes of finding them interesting, and while the mythology and the story of Narcissus is interesting, the flowers themselves are not varied enough to hold my attention.

In any case here are some Daffodils on display from the flower show. Expect many pictures of Daffodils over the next two months.

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