Friday, August 10, 2012

Ceropegia woodii

I'm totally in love with Ceropegias right now. After having my Ceropegia woodii for only a few months, the plant has grown at least four feet and is in bloom. The leaves are beautiful, the flowers are weird. I love it.

Of course I've started looking into other varieties of this beauty in hopes of expanding my collection. Much to my disappointment, I've found that most aren't available on the market. I guess I need to find cuttings of the tri color somewhere and then try to get seed of other varieties so I can get some in circulation here. How can you not love the geometry of these flowers? They look like something out of a Stephen King book.

They also form a Caudex. I'm so in love....

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hoya Baby

So after much waiting and debate, my Hoya has finally bloomed.

The flowers are fairly standard for a Hoya, white with reddish centers. Hoya flowers are just amazing in general so I'm very pleased that it bloomed this year. I originally believed this to be Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle' and over the past two years its sort of slowly lost its crinkle. I guess I was hoping that it would have some sort of weird flowers to prove to me exactly which Hoya I have. Alas that's not really the case. The flowers are standard for a carnosa, so for all I know it just had some deformed leaves when I got it at trade. =/

 I'm mean. I make all of my vines grow up instead of hang down.

Still its nice to have something in flower again since my Euphorbia milii has decided that its finished for a bit. I'm sure my cutting off 1/3 of the plant so we could install the window fan had nothing to do with that....