Friday, April 27, 2012

Ct Flower Show

I guess I'm done ripping apart the Philly flower show and now I can move onto Connecticut. I've realized that I didn't really take any pictures of any displays. I know flower shows aren't easy but I can see why no one ever wants to go to the Connecticut show. It's the same displays every year. There are also serious liner issues with every display that has a water feature. The show provides fill for the displays and its becoming apparent that the fill contains sharp objects and should probably be replaced.

But besides that the plant selection is fair for a small show. You have tons of orchids for sale, some over priced annuals in standards and various common perennials that are in prime shape. The amount of 'home' care stuff added to the show (aka windows, cushions, chairs, soap, food etc) is out of hand as it is with most shows.

Most of the specimens that I ended up taking pictures of were from the ct cactus and succulent society. I would be more likely to notice them, but they really just looked fabulous compared to other show plants.

The orchids were lovely as well. 

Some of the floral displays caught my eye. I thought the robot was very cute. (I'm not sure how much the flowers actually added to it.)

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Flower Show

Oh the Philadelphia Flower Show! The largest indoor plant show in the world. Every year I love flocking to all of the awesome displays and horticultural oddities. While most local garden shows show some pathetically under watered half forced displays. Philly never ceases to have consistent great quality.

Still, something about the show was off for me this year. I didn't really find myself impressed with most of the displays and I definitely didn't find myself impressed with the plant variety. I think I'm going to blame this year's theme. I can see the appeal of naming something Memories of Hawaii, but seeing as I have never been to Hawaii, I don't have memories of ever being there. Maybe this is being a bit nick picky, but there are plenty of other ways this theme down cast the show. Hawaii has an incredibly fragile and unique eco-system. I don't remember hearing what the percentage is of introduced invasive plants, but I remember it being crazy high. Almost everything introduced to Hawaii thrives. So much so that it out competes all of the small micro ecosystems that naturally exist there. And while I'm sure many of the plants presented at the show fit in that category, I kinda found myself just thinking that I was walking around your standard homedepot tropicals.

The show was packed. Insanely so. I might be jaded from hanging around the city all the time, and being in a hurry, but it was agonizingly hard to navigate. Something about the layout this year was just difficult. Forget getting any good pictures of the displays.You can see how close I could get to the main display in picture one.

I also expected most of the plants to be judged by Friday morning when I arrived. I've gotten to the point in my cacti hobby where I want to know who has the best cacti. While I'm sure I know who owned most of those plants, I really wanted to make sure.

Lastly, one of the main reasons I didn't have as much fun as I could have had, no great plants to purchase. Seriously, you go to the biggest flower show in the world and there are only two stands that sell cacti. One is crazy over priced and the other doesn't know what they're selling. Plant retail really needs to get their act together. You don't go to an aquarium show and just buy mystery fish, so why should you have to go to a plant show and buy mystery plant. That's just crazy.

Still I had fun, and I got some shots of plants I wouldn't normally see, but I really hope it is no where near as crowded next year.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Apples, and Cherries, and Pears! OH MY

We do have quite a few ornamental cherries, and apples in the park. And while EVERYONE loves flowering apples and cherries, I'm kinda fed up with seeing terribly grafted half dead reversions and crazy suckering and waterspouts on every tree.

That being said, they really are nice for that one week when they're all in flower. =)

Does this make it worth it? Probably.

p.s there weren't any pears in this post. I refuse to show pictures of Bradford pears on the account that someone might want to plant them.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Beautiful Spring

I just wanted to share some of the beautiful things around the park over the past week. There's just new amazing stuff in the garden daily.

 Tulip 'Artist' and 'Golden Artist'


 Wisteria budding out

 Jasminum officinalis 'Fiona Sunrise' leafing out

 Fothergilla major 'Blue Shadow' 

Fritillaria imperialis in bloom

 Big Ups Tulip Blend from Colorblends

 Narcissus 'Baby Boomer'

 Species tulip mix

Tulip 'Miranda'

 Narcissus 'Baby Boomer' and Muscari 


Euphorbia polychroma